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Corporate Catering in Cheltenham: Here at Mooreish, we love catering for all types of events, especially corporate events.

From canapés and finger foods to bowl food or formal sit down dinners, we do it all, ensuring that we contribute to the success of your corporate function

Looking for a fun and unique catering experience for your corporate event? You could even choose mooreish pizzas! Or maybe you want a BBQ. Your wish is our command!

Whether you need catering for internal meetings, product launches, conferences, training workshops, milestone celebrations or Christmas parties, we can ensure that from the food side of things, it will be brilliant.


We pride ourselves on being big on quality whilst maintaining a manageable budget. Everything we make is 100% from scratch - it is this attention to detail and refinement that truly sets us apart.


Have a look at some of menu options below for our corporate catering options:

So, if you're looking for a corporate caterer for your next work-related function, please contact us  and let’s see how we can help you.

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