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WeddingCatering in Cheltenham: Here at Mooreish, we love catering for weddings!

From canapés and finger foods to bowl food or formal sit down dinners, we do it all, ensuring that we contribute to the success of your big day.

Looking for a fun and unique catering experience for your wedding? You could even choose mooreish pizzas! Or maybe you want a BBQ. Your wish is our command!


We pride ourselves on being big on quality whilst maintaining a manageable budget. Everything we make is 100% from scratch - it is this attention to detail and refinement that truly sets us apart.


Have a look at some of menu options below:

6 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer

Choosing a wedding caterer can be a challenge. After all, isn’t the food something that everyone’s looking forward to and will remember about your wedding?


 You need to be confident in your caterer and trust that they’ll not only be able to come up with delicious fare that works with your overall wedding theme, but also to help the meal portion of your wedding go off without a hitch.

So we've put together a list of 6 very important questions you should ask your wedding caterer


  1. How far in Advance do they need you to book?
    Caterers are busy and their schedules fill up quickly. To ensure that your chosen caterer will be available for your wedding, ask the caterers you interview how early they need you to book. There may be a couple caterers that are simply out of the running because they’re already booked on your wedding date.

  2. What is the price per head?
    Most caterers want to know how many people will be attending your wedding, and will give you an approximate price per head based on your dish selections. For example, if you offer chicken and fish, you might have a lower cost per head than if you choose steak and prawns. Ask your caterer about the price per head and how it varies depending on what kind of food you want served.

  3. Ask about Dietary Options
    A lot of people these days have dietary restrictions, whether it be vegetarian, gluten free, or dairy free. Ask caterers how they handle dietary restrictions and what options they have available for different dietary needs. You want to book a caterer that is familiar with handling specific dietary requests.

  4. Ask about additional options
    Many caterers can provide more than just the food for your wedding. Ask if they can provide the linens, tables, flatware, china, or if they offer bar services. A caterer that can take care of these things along with your food would free up some of your time to focus on other things.

  5. Ask about Bar costs
    If you plan to have alcohol at your wedding, ask your caterer. There are several different alcohol options, including a full service bar, a cash bar, beer and wine only, and more. You have the option to customize your bar service as much as you want, but you need to be aware of your options and how much each costs ahead of time.

  6. Ask about serving styles
    Most caterers offer 3 different serving styles — a full service meal, a buffet, and food stations. Inquire about each and find out what the cost per head is for each. If you had your heart set on a full service meal, but it’s way out of the budget, food stations might be a unique alternative.


You get in touch with us today and let's create a menu for your wedding that will both suit and impress you and your guests!

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